About Us


We created A28 Tax Management to help small-business owners manage their taxes. Our retained account managers work all year assisting business clients with procedural work related to proper tax filing. Its our understanding that with all the responsibilities of running a business, most small-business owners simply do not have the time or resources to research strategies in efforts to minimize tax liability and/or maximize benefits. Traditional bookkeepers do not typically have the expertise to implement tax strategies. While do-it-yourself platforms promising to lower seasonal filing costs pose a greater risk of audit leaving individuals vulnerable to the government’s labyrinthian tax program. New business owners gamble by incepting without retained access to a tax professional. Even reputed CPAs, Tax Attorneys, and Preparers need the help of a specialist. That's where we decided to come in.

A28’s founder operated as a start-up business consultant before deciding to provide a service in response to the growing demand of tax professionals. She earned a tax certificate and continues to discover benefits for all types and phases of business ownership. A28 Tax Management alleviates the stress and challenges of tax filing so that small-business owners can focus on what matters: their business. Our agents dedicate countless hours staying on top of ever-changing compliance rules as well as legal loopholes of the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR), and Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Contact us to book a consultation and get the tax benefits your business deserves.

Our Approach


The best way to prepare for an audit is to avoid it in the first place so we aim to take the proactive approach. In the event of an audit we standby our clients in matters connected with presentation to the IRS; while general tax filing agents operate on a non-liable basis.

Ethical Standard

We take pride in our ability to maximize your tax filing experience without applying adage fraud tactics. A28 does its due dilligences to increase your refund or decrease your tax bill with a standard that value compliance at the core of service. Our guarantee is service provided with integrity. 

Work Our Magic

Our agents are throughly trained upon theoretical strategies and practical procedures designed to save clients from wasted time and penalties. Most of our know-how is based on past success. The rest is discovered by knowing exactly where to find the answer. Its not magic, its the right knowledge.  

We Are Local

Office hours are 9AM-5PM Monday thru Friday

We are located at 3501 W Fillmore St, Chicago, IL 60624. Call 224-267-5284 to schedule a visit.  


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